3D CelluSponge

  • 3D HPC scaffold

       - Designed for cells requiring no specific ligands and various cell lines.


  • Advantages of CelluSponge Series

       - Natural source.

       - Spheroid size is controllable and under 200 μm.

       - Seeding the same as in 2D cell culture and is required no extra steps.

       - Cells grow rapidly with functions.

       - Compatible to automatic equipment.



  • Simple and efficient cell seeding procedure.
  • Cells distributing well in the CelluSponge pores and grow well easily
  • Compatible with well plate and insert.
  • Exclusive patent license-Hydrogel-like microporous sponge.
  • Appropriate spheroid size with prevented apoptosis in the spheroids center.
  • Good for cell cryopreservation.
  • Form functional spheroids within 24 hours post-seeding and remain stable at least 40 days.



  • Three types of 3D CelluSponge:

(1) 3D CelluSponge (Plain)

(2) 3D CelluSponge-Gal (Galactose)

(3) 3D CelluSponge-Coll (Collagen)

- Size: 6/ 9 mm diameter CelluSponge scaffold

- Pore size: between 100 - 200 μm (lrregular)


Application range

(1) 3D CelluSponge (Plain)

  • For cells requiring no specific ligand and various cancer cell lines
  • Suitable cell types:

        - Human Breast cancer cell line (MCF-7 & MDA-MB) ·

        - Mouse fibroblasts (NIH3T3)

        - Human foreskin fibroblast (HFF) 



(2) 3D CelluSponge-Gal (Galactose)

  • For Hepatocyte

       ​- Hepatocytes for 3D functional spheroids after one day of seeding and the spheroids maintained stable or at lease at 40 days and up to 100 days.




(3) 3D CelluSponge-Coll (Collagen)

  • For ESC,MSC, primary cells

      - HMSC cells grew 14 times aker 7 days and differentiate into neurons and glial cells after 14 days (Usually it takes 28 days).


Technical documents
  • References:

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  • Cellusponge Cell Seeding Protocol​


  • Product Introduction Video


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